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Hailing from a family of designers, Mariam always had an eye for aesthetically pretty things. Her passion for design emerged while working in Dubai, a platform of success for any budding talent, giving her the confidence needed to start her fashion career.

A media professional for 12 years, Mariam took the leap to follow her passion and pursue her career in the glamourous fashion industry in 2013. Her journey started with the launch of her personal style Instagram page @mrskeepa, gaining her a cult following of 100k of fashion savvy women who appreciate her sassy style.

Simultaneously, Mariam enrolled at Esmod Dubai to enhance her creativity and learn the technical side of the fashion business, which has led her to the launch of her atelier and pre-a-porter line, Mrs. Keepa, in May 2016.

Taking inspiration from her travels and style icons such as the edgy and daring Rihanna, Mariam has been captivating her audience with a line of aesthetically stunning outfits. The brand exudes femininity defined by pristine materials and the very best in fashion artistry.


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