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Ambition V-Neck

$35.00 USD

Made in Lebanon with 100% high quality Egyptian cotton.

All products are unisex and look great on both men and women.

"نحن امواج ان تسترح تمت"
We are like waves, if we rest, we die.

This quote by Persian poet Saib Tabrizi is an invitation to stay passionate and
vigorous in life. It is accompanied by a collage of Persian miniatures and Japanese acrylic art depicting a mercantile boat sailing the seas. It's a witness of the dynamic past and various influences our region experienced thanks to the Silk


Elyas Arayess is a passionate self-taught artist. Although he’s an architecture graduate, he currently focuses on graphic design, digital illustration and Arabic calligraphy.
His main inspirations are ancient civilizations and the historical, cultural and artistic baggage the Levant carries. 
Through his art, Elyas aims to communicate his fascination for the beauty and authenticity he sees in Levantine culture.

Brand Background:

San Firenze is a brand that collaborates with young talented Lebanese artists, creatives and graphic designers to create products that bring art into life.

The brand name comes from two gorgeous cities San Francisco and Firenze (Florence) in which the founder, Maria Moukarzel, got inspired to spread the word about Lebanese designers and their talent.

Each design and each product we make comes from a background story.