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Khortosh Bortosh Board Game

$15.00 USD


Take a card with a number, a clip, a marker and a "Khartish" card. Start drawing a scenario from the "scenario" cards for example: "2ido bel may", add a blank card and pass it to the player on your left.

The other player will write whatever he/she thinks your drawing is, pass it to the other player the left and follow this process till the numbered card return to its original player (you will all be drawing and guessing the scenarios of each player at the same time).
The funniest drawing/guessing will win a point (it will be decided by the player with the original scenario), and at the end, the player with the most points and the funniest drawings will win.


8 white board markers, 64 empty cards, 8 bulldog clips, 200 scenarios to draw and instructions.

100% designed and produced in Lebanon