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A Walk in the Arab World

I have walked through the Middle East.

I have explored the souks of Egypt and Oman. I have witnessed the hospitality of Lebanon and Morocco. I have smelled the ouds and the Arabic coffee that add such distinctive aroma in the region. I have tasted the unique flavors of the Arab cuisine, centuries old resembling the culture of trading in spices and herbs. I have experienced the magical starlight of the deserts in Kuwait and Oman.

But walking in the Middle East is all about the ambiance and the beauty of women and everything this beauty is reflected on... the traditional and glamorous palette of embroidery…the modern touch of gold… the stunning handcrafted accessories…the colorful abayas in the sand… the class and the serenity of the light skin and the brown eyes…

I have walked in the Middle East and I have danced in the rhythms of the Bedouins. I have hiked on the Rocky Mountains of UAE and I have dived in the magical waters of the Red Sea.

But walking in the Middle East is all about the thirst and the aspirations of the young talented people; inspired artists, gifted creators and skillful artisans who pass the talent from the older generations to the new; all those who have decided to spread the word to the world of design and demonstrate the modern, beautiful faces of the Middle East.

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