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ASHEKMAN started off as an Arabic street art crew in 2001 in Beirut, Lebanon by identical twin brothers Omar and Mohamed Kabbani as an outlet for the twins to fight social, political and religious extremism that fuels the false propaganda about the Middle East.

Soon after, their art, Arabic Calligraffiti, which is a mixture of classical Arabic calligraphy with modern Arabic graffiti, filled the street, walls and buildings in numerous Arab countries spreading their message of tolerance.

In addition to taking global murals with their signature graffiti, ASHEKMAN curated a streetwear brand under the same name. It consists of products manufactured with the finest quality and are sold in select concept stores across the MENA region.

In their aim to spread their message beyond all borders, revive the Arabic culture in an urban context, bring back the golden Arab age where poetry, science, and knowledge were exported and translated to all cultures, ASHEKMAN stepped into the American continent through

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