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Sandbox is a conceptual jewelry brand that brings forth and expresses unique human experiences through jewelry. From our talented Egyptian silver artisans that create each piece by hand, to our founder and head designer who crafts the stonework with her bare hands, to our human oriented concepts & color palette, and to our finished fine jewelry creations that speak to human experiences, Sandbox is a very human oriented label.

For us at Sandbox, jewelry is not just a lifeless piece of metal and stone. It is very much alive. Jewelry is an art form- the most intimate of them all. It’s the one form that touches you- literally and figuratively. It blends in with the human form, taking on each curve and trait. Together with the adapted concepts, Sandbox aims at empowering women through this strong connection, and through jewelry that presents the perfect balance between experimental & exclusive techniques, eccentricity, and timelessness.  

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