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About Us

Spanning from the eastern Mediterranean to the Arabian Gulf, the Arab World has an incredible history of diversity and culture. Today, the region introduces a new generation of more daring, contemporary and unique designers, artists and creators, who appeal to broader audiences and have the capacity to make global inroads in an era where design and creativity travel far beyond the geographical boundaries. At the same time, East and West are more intrigued by new creative fashion/design approaches, especially ones orientated from places with strong local cultures and “historic geometry”. is an online shop, that introduces to the American market a selection of designer products and artistic creations originating from the Mystic Oriental Arab World. offers an entry point for Middle Eastern designers to extend their footprint in the USA by showcasing their creations and sharing their story. 







About The Founder

Fouad Georges

Born and raised in Lebanon, Fouad has always been fascinated by the history, culture and inspiration of the Middle East and the Arab world. Growing up in a region where tons of trends and cultures meet, surrounded by unique beauty, character, and contradictions, Fouad’s dream to spread the reputation and uniqueness of fashion, art and design that originates from his rather “unconventional” geography, finally emerged to a business idea.

Fouad decided to pursue his dream and create, a unique platform for designers, artists and creatives from the Arab World to show their work and be introduced to the American market.