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Vogue Man Arabia Interview

Lebanese Entrepreneur Fouad Georges on Showcasing Arab Designers Through His Online Platform

Born in Lebanon and now living in Los Angeles, Fouad Georges has always been proud of his roots. After studying in France, he moved back to his homeland and then to Dubai, where he worked for four years at a luxury watch retailer before landing in the US. As he set out to live the American dream, Georges recognized the severity of misjudgment towards the Arab world. Wanting to break negative stereotypes, he launched, an online platform that bridges the gap between the US and Middle Eastern market.

Georges has a long-sighted strategy to introduce Arab designers to the international market and set out to develop a new platform for them in October 2016. “I started everything on my laptop in my apartment, thinking about the best and most cost-effective way to begin,” he shares. The result was, which launched a year later with seven designers on board. Since then, Roula Kehdi, Bil Arabi, FMMDubai, Rim n’Roll, Elsa O, and Kashida have been showcased on the site, which also features fashion accessories, jewelry, and decor. The business is now home to 27 creative names from the region, including Bassam Fattouh, Mrs Keepa, and Huwa. Not only are the brands provided with an online platform, has also taken them to pop-up festivals and stores in the US.

“Besides being an online shop, is a mirror of a region,” Georges explains. “It is a representation of hardworking, creative individuals who love, dream, and believe with passion in themselves and thrive to showcase their achievements, which portray a beautiful image of our Arab world.” Georges is convinced that he can break barriers through fashion. “The designers that are coming from the Arab world are enthused by the diversity, colors, and cultures of an extraordinary region. They draw new trends in the global marketplace.”

The site underlines the uniqueness offered by artists in this region. Georges trusts it offers something different to an international market that could be moving towards monotony. “Following daring, traditional, oriental, or cutting-edge styles, the artists share their stories through their distinctive designs. When I visit their workshops, I see their strong beliefs, as well as the traditional craftsmanship and fashion-forward visions,” he says. “I’m also constantly looking at the number of people spending time on the website, which means that they are exploring, learning, reading, and discovering.” 

As well as bridging the gap, Georges aims to upgrade streetwear and move away from mass-produced items. He believes that distinctive pieces from Arabia can change the fashion and political scene in the US. “I feel it is the responsibility of every person from our generation to be ambassadors of our countries and our region wherever we go; to show the best version of our Arab world at every opportunity, or in whatever good way we can.”

Originally published in the fall/winter 2019 issue of Vogue Man Arabia





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