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Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics

Bassam Fattouh is a renowned celebrity make-up artist and international make-up artist. The choice of famous stars, high-profile women and royalty in the Middle East, Lebanon and beyond. But who is the man behind the name and what makes him who he is? Bassam is a dreamer who takes action, thinks big, dares and jumps in. A person who works with his mind, body and soul, pouring his emotion into his work. A man guided by intuition and driven by it to push boundaries. An artist in love with the powerful allure of glamour, luxury and simply nice things. This is his story.

From day one Bassam Fattouh was a pioneer. He was the first make-up artist to launch a full-blown advertising campaign in the region. It was the talk of the town, and this move attracted people’s interest. But it was ultimately his talent and philosophy that established his solid reputation. He was the first to say yes to daring colors, going against the classical shades that dominated back in the day. And he created iconic looks that stood out. He risked being different and this ignited his success.

Inspired by the requests of fans and clients, Bassam Fattouh launched his signature cosmetics range in 2010. Over the years he used many different brands and experimented with countless textures. He used this experience as the foundation for his own line. Building on his knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, he meticulously developed his ever-growing range. Bassam’s latest collection has an innovative twist and packaging that features illustrations by the internationally acclaimed Liselotte Watkins.

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