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Arabic Calligraphy Greatness...

I remember since I was a kid, that I was fascinated by these images… curves and lines and dots, that were creating something like a symbol. I could not make real sense of it in the beginning but it was looking so refined and gracious. It was only when I started learning Arabic, that I understood these are letters, connecting with each other in such a harmonic way and creating words. Arabic Calligraphy.
I do not really think that there is a single designer in the modern times, not inspired somehow by this splendor. It is the only form of writing that seems to have a melody, a sound… a consistent sound of a pen that stops only when the symphony of letters is complete. 



It is an absolutely impressive and long process to create even a letter of calligraphy. Originating from the Arabic word khatt Islami (خط اسلامي), meaning Islamic line or design, Calligraphy starts when letters were created as a form of art, hundreds of years ago, inspired by the human body and its analogies. The human posture, was the ultimate inspiration and this is the calligraphy that is followed until today.
The most fascinating part is that calligraphers manage to put together letters and words that sometimes are not meant to fit close to each other. But they always find the way to connect them…it is like the perfect diplomacy. 

…and today Calligraphy is part of our lives. Contemporary designers are using calligraphy in so many forms and ways and it is such an honor to host such designs in the Fouxx boutique. From Bil Arabi jewelry to Kashida home decor and many more designers, Calligraphy will always be part of our identity and will hold our hands in this magical walk in the Arab World.



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