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The Genesis

“It is so interesting how things connect sometimes. It becomes even more fascinating when childhood memories and dreams take different shapes during the course of mature life and define our present.”  Fouad Georges

Those words reveal the secret behind the quite unconventional genesis of; a blend of a nickname “fouxx”, back in the childhood days in Lebanon - inspired by the Fox’s eyes and the French “crazy/fou”, mixed with the passion for creativity and aesthetics. Adding to those, Fouad’s love for his home country and his unusual view of things, an inspiring business idea was conceptualized.

Coming from Lebanon and having spent most of his life in the Middle East, Fouad became a strong advocate of its beauty, culture, art and history. He has always seen the region as the geography where all cultures meet, diversity is celebrated, tradition and modernity coexist serenely, marking a new era in the world of fashion, deco, architecture and lifestyle and giving the opportunity to new talents, artists and entrepreneurs to unleash their potential.

Moving to the USA, one of Fouad’s goals became to develop a new platform for the Arab designers and talents to tell their story to the world, share their creations and portray some of the hidden inspiring colors of the Middle East.

This is how was born and a Middle Eastern creative story begins…

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  • Mouna emsis: April 17, 2018

    I came across your website by shear coincidence. Having said that I believe nothing happens by coincidence there are reasons for our existence and why things evolve the way they do , with the grace of God.
    Anyways I noticed that your based in the US . I am from a middle eastern background , my family and I have a international brand that we have taken abroad we were in NY late last year testing the waters with our business, fortunately it was a great success hence why we are coming back to continue our journey with our Middle Eastern brand . Whilst reading your bio I saw you are a great advocate of where cultures meet diversity is celebrated and middle eastern entrepreneurs unleash their talent. This is what we are about . We have provided a strong platform for our community in Australia and we would love to calabarate on some sort of level with your inspiring direction.
    Please search us up . Knafeh Bakery .
    Hope to hear from you soon

    Mouna Emsis

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