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In a world where fashion and design have become a common language, brings together unique collections defining new style dimensions beyond borders

With the undeniable growth of "Fast Fashion", we are in constant search for that "different" item that will make us standout. What makes's products unique?   

Being only one of its kind... is continuously bringing limited-edition and handmade designs. The passion put by our designers into their creations, make them unlike anything else on the market. You do not want to be wearing the same accessories and style as everyone else on the streets, at the bar or even at a red carpet event. 

Particularly remarkable, unusual, special... handpicks one or two pieces of every jewelry style or accessory or home décor element to make sure that what we offer is remarkable, in an effort to match your desire of owning "the accessory" that you can play with, wear it in a versatile way and even add a special touch to your home.  

Belonging or connected to (one particular person, group, place)...
Every creation on has a story. By acquiring any of our designs, you carry a piece of culture, history, and discover a place that you can connect to. 

    It’s not fast fashion, it’s here to stay. It’s not mass production because we love YOU'nique! 



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