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…and September arrives and the fashion trends appear one after the other in the fashion capitals of the world. NewYork, London, Milan, colours, styles and fashion trends excite us by the day.
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…and September has come and it is the perfect time of the year to boost our tanned look with statement earrings and accessories at the morning coffees and the early drinks.
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…and September is back, together with the new beginnings. The right time to boost confidence and walk our new catwalks with bags and accessories that will keep the summer mood alive during the fresh drops of rain. 
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…and September is here to remind us to take our late summer buys to work/school, prepare our outfits and accessorize our bags and purses and leave our mark on the yearly calendar.
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…and September started and we celebrate freedom and #backtoschool. New moms and dads it is time to level up the game with new outfits and accessories from
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