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Rim N' Roll

For the love of embroidery....

Conceived in Beirut, Lebanon, Rim n' Roll was established by Roula Bohsali in 2014 with a clear ambition in mind: to showcase her love of embroidery and restore the world's appreciation of craftsmanship.

The brand finds its origins in pop/rock, which are embodied in the namesake, attitude, and style of the brand.

Roula incorporates the "Broderie de Luneville" technique in her products, a popular technique in the Haute Couture industry that is very meticulous and time-consuming and produces an elegant and refined sense of style. 

Roula's vision for Rim n' Roll is to make the beauty and sophistication of Haute Couture embroidery accessible at a competitive price while ensuring there is no compromise in the design, durability, and practicality of her final products.

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