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Roula Kehdi Creations

Roula Kehdi was born with the eye and passion for fashion and a constant search for new trends. With great attention to detail, Roula showed early enough high creativity, superb communication skills and out of the box thinking, elements that opened the road to TV. Roula is a fashion consultant and has been working on projects for numerous TV stations in the UAE and Lebanon and part of Fashion programs from 2010 till date. Devoted to her passion, Roula has been sharing her creative spark with young talents in workshops at Directorskut academy: styling and makeover sessions in Lebanon and Abu Dhabi.

Roula has naturally evolved to a designer and since March 2014 she has developed Roula Kehdi Creations, a unique SHOE ACCESSORY brand. Roula Kehdi Creations allow every woman to step up her shoe game in her own stylish way; a concept that has already attracted millions of fans and continues growing globally.

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