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Eyebrow Pencil Shadow

$29.00 USD

An innovative slim double-ended pencil that shapes your eyebrows while enhancing the naturally beautiful look of your eyes.

Product Description

Shape, shade and fill-in your eyebrows with the ultra smooth high definition Eyebrow Pencil by Bassam Fattouh. This innovatively slim double-ended pencil will allow you to color in those hard-to-reach gaps in your eyebrows while enhancing the naturally beautiful shape of your eyes. Eyebrow Pencil has a built-in bottlebrush tip you can use to blend and brush your eyebrows. Designed to give you precision and application control, you can define your brows by simply applying pressure to the pencil as desired for fine or broad lines. No sharpening required as the retractable applicator allows you to twist for color release. Eyebrow pencil dries on contact and effortlessly blends well without smudging.
Accentuate your eyebrows and give your eyes the attention they truly deserve.

“Always remember to brush your eyebrows upwards before applying Eyebrow Pencil” Bassam Fattouh