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Abla Bent Malek - Paint on Glass

$500.00 USD

-Type of art work: Paint on glass
-Category: oriental artisanal art
-Specification : legacy family work of Abu Subhi El Tinawi

The pieces tell the stories of the first Arab poets , Antar and Abla , story of the profits , Noah and Younes, along side many other famous Arabian sceneries , Like the bridal wedding , and the herd of camels

Who is Abu Subhi?
Born in Damascus, Abu Subhi Al Tinawi (1888–1973) was one of the most well-known Syrian folk artists of his time.

Hailing from a family of reverse glass-painters & tapestry artisans, Al Tinawi made his own paint using the traditional technique of combining natural pigments with Arabic gum. He became known for reverse glass painting – a technique which, having originated in Europe & become popular throughout Central & Eastern Asia.

Fascinated by traditional verses & stories, Al Tinawi’s oeuvre explores folk epics, historical events and religious themes.

Tinawi’s work has greatly influenced contemporary Arab artists & has also found its way into numerous publications & films.