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Saj Voyage

$125.00 USD

Introducing Saj Voyage, a heartwarming innovative kit crafted with love for those longing for the taste of home. This kit is a nostalgic embrace for anyone who cherishes the essence of Lebanese food and is passionate about the art of cooking. Saj Voyage brings you the familiarity and emotional connection to your culinary heritage, infusing comfort into your daily life.


The Saj dome features a scratch-resistant ceramic coating for effortless cleaning, while its aluminum middle layer and base ensure consistent heat distribution. The stainless steel and wooden handle not only provide food-safe properties but also serve a dual purpose as a spatula.


Meticulously engineered for exceptional portability and minimal weight, the Saj itself has a 28 cm diameter and has a height of 7cm. The full package including the shipping box is 30x30x11cm and weight 1.8kg.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the longevity and quality of the Saj parts, we recommend hand washing them. Please refrain from placing them in the dishwasher. The cushion can be put in the washing machine but it is advised to follow the instructions on the instruction manual inside of the box.